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Thunder Seat

Thunder Seat


Thunder Seat

The Thunder Seat is the big Brother of our famous Power Seat that offers the ultimate in precision performance as the seat contours your entire lower body for the ultimate fit and control without having to be overly tight in your kayak

Just like the Power seat... well... sort of. 

It's not just wider, with more ass and thigh room, it also works with our Mega Comfy Backband, and you have access to the rear of the kayak for gear. 

Depending on your built and where your weight is, somewhere around about 250lbs will be getting close to an overly tight fit in the BigFoot.

Alternately for paddlers in the 170lbs+ range looking for a more contoured fit in their creekboat, without going to the full Power seat, this will be a great option.

The seat screws into the hip pad side tabs for a secure fit. Comes with mounting hardware.

Shipping July 2024

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