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Feed Your Soul

At Soul Waterman, we're capitalizing on the illustrious design career of Corran Addison. Throughout his years as paddler, designer and manufacturer, he has been known for his innovative work. Indeed, his reputation as a leading designer and paddler is based squarely on this.

Whether it was his de facto invention of the planing hulled kayak, the popularization of short freestyle kayaks, sweeping progressive rocker in creek boats, or paddler focused outfitting, Corran has been leading the way. If you wanted to know what the industry would look like in the future, you had only to look at what Corran was already doing.

We continue this tradition at SOUL. The whole company is focused squarely on innovation as its primary driving factor. Innovation in design and execution trumps mass sales as a company philosophy. This is evident, even at a quick glance; the stiffest structural bracing system on the market, the decluttering of the cockpit through clean effective outfitting with all of the necessary adjustability and fit, and sectional ends to some of the kayaks that allow you to radically change the performance of your kayak in minutes.

This is what sets SOUL apart from pack. Thinking out the box, so you the paddler, can enjoy paddling even more.

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