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Soul Adrenaline Factory

Soul is a boutique brand that is focused squarely on innovation: in design, execution and overall appearance is our company philosophy. We have capitalized on the illustrious design career of Corran Addison, who throughout his years as paddler, surfer, snowboarder, designer and manufacturer, has been known for his innovative work.
At Soul, everything we do is about making our products the very best. We cut no corners, and spare no expense.  Our designs are forward thinking and fill specific niches, our kayak outfitting is second to none, and we use the best plastic that money can buy. Our snowboard designs and construction materials are as unique as our kayaks, as are our paddle boards. Everything about our products says “you’re getting the very best” - all backed with a LIFETIME warranty. 
If you’re looking for that run-of-the-mill, inexpensive product that can be found in any retail chain, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. But that's not what Soul is about. Our Custom boats are the very first of the kind, each boat designed specifically for the customer from the ground up, and our plastic boats are unique in every way, deviating radically from the hum-drum of an entrenched, hesitant industry. Our Snowboards reflect our history in watersports, bringing a surfing style to the way you ride the mountain.

We don’t make kayaks (or boards) for professionals, even if there are plenty out there using them. In fact we’re focused more on the overall experience. It's one of the reasons we’re making boats and boards for the whole family, from 3yr old kids up all the way to those in their twilight years: it's about family fun. 

When you buy a Soul product, you contribute to this family, and each person contributes something special to the Soul story.

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