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Shipping Terms and Conditions

Plastic Kayaks and Boards in the USA and Canada

In keeping with an industry drive to be more sustainable, we have significantly reduced the amount of packaging we use on our kayaks (although the packaging is still more than we'd like on adult boats, and a double bag for kids boats). However, it is possible that your kayak could be delivered to you with some scratches and scuffing. These are NO LONGER covered under warranty.
You're going to do worse the first time you use it anyway, so we all have to take a hit for the environment. 
If your kayak is delivered with structural damage (which over packaging doesn't resolve anyway) then of course we will take care of you.

Due to the continual increase in shipping costs, especially to home delivery, kayaks are shipped to the nearest trucking hub/terminal, unless you provide a CURBSIDE commercial delivery address (and tell us that this is commercial in the notes when checking out).

The hub will most likely NOT call you when it arrives, so it is important to track your kayak with the BOL number provided when you get your fulfilment information email. The trucking line will also send you email updates of your boats status, so make sure to check regularly after it has been shipped. Please check your junk mail to make sure that you do not miss these.

Shipping to terminals ranges from about $350 to $600, but we charge everyone a flat rate of $189 for all full sized kayaks.
If you wish us to ship directly to your residence, wee will need to charge an additional $100 residential delivery fee (this is what we are charged.
If you have the boat delivered directly to you, you cannot request from the driver to use the tail gate to unload it, or to bring the kayak inside for you, as these are extra fees they charge that can be upwards of $100.


Plastic Kayaks and Boards International

International shipments, bought directly off the Soul Waterman website, covers shipping from our factory to a central location. These are not delivered to your door, and you may have to drive to that central location to collect your boats. Alternatively we can get quotes to ship these directly to your door, but this cost is additional to the check out price, and is covered by the end customer.

Epoxy and Custom kayaks and boards.

Shipping costs are not included in the price. At the time of shipment we will get the best quote we can and inform you of these costs. Payment for shipping is required prior to shipment. but not at checkout of the kayak purchase. The negotiated shipping prices we have are for kayaks up to 15' PACKAGED (outside dimensions). Longer kayaks require a special shipping quote. 

International Sales.

For all international sales, goods are shipped from various warehouses, depending on inventory availability. The customer is responsible for any duties or taxes that their respective governments may charge.


Before returning any goods, please contact us to make sure that this is the best solution, and for us to provide you with shipping details. All returns are the cost of the customer. 


The legal mumbo jumbo

All sales are Ex Works. The consignee (customer) takes possession of the kayak or paddle board at our facility before it is loaded onto the truck. Soul Waterman facilitates the shipping process, but we are not a shipping agency. Soul is not responsible for shipping costs, times, delays, or damage to product, and we recommend that you buy insurance at the time of shipping ($39). In the case of loss or damage, the insurance companies pay for these claims rapidly, compared to the trucking companies that can take many months for issues to be resolved. All products are inspected prior to shipping and are damage free when they are picked up at Soul. In the event that the product arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the consignee to note this damage at the time of delivery with the driver, or to refuse delivery, and it is the consignee’s responsibility to file any claims. Soul Waterman is more than happy to assist in this process, and we will go the extra mile for our customers in this regard. Soul is not responsible for replacing any damaged or lost product until claims are paid out by either the insurance company (or if you did not buy insurance, the trucking company). Any extra shipping fees incurred, such as lift gate, inside delivery, change of delivery address etc., are entirely the consignees expense, and Soul Waterman reserves the right to charge the customer’s credit card (or other method) if additional service is requested by the customer when the shipment arrives, and expenses are incurred. Any tax's, duties or other related costs to be paid are entirely the responsibility of the customer.