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The Premium Line of Soul whitewater kayaks all come with our advanced 2019 Skeletor Extreme outfitting system.

The base to this system remains the same in all kayaks, but there are minor differences from model to model (such as footrest type, or thigh brace).

The fundamental basis of the system is a cage like system of the hull support and vertical supports on each end of the cockpit. This lightweight, but super strong system creates a cage much like the roll cage in a racing car that prevents the "paddler area" from collapsing. For 2019, we have now added the reinforced hull support plate that both increases stiffness in the center of the kayak, and helps diffuse high impacts over a larger area, reducing the possibility of failure.

 The outfitting system around this roll cage is based on simplicity, ease and quickness of adjustability. 

The seat is a large foam base, which offers a combination of comfort, impact absorption, and warmth for cold water climates. The seat locks on tot eh hull extrusion using a piece of industrial strength "mushroom style" velcro, and takes quite literally 3 seconds to adjust. It is tethered to the boat with a leash in the event of a swim.

 The backband starts with our extremely comfortable pad, which adjusts using industrial strength webbing running through stainless steel cam straps (any paddler knows that you can lash a kayak to the roof with these and you're boats are going to stay on). 

Whats new for 2019, is this backband is not the most secure, and performance based system on the market. A hard backed plate runs behind the pad, and a series of bungees on each side, top and bottom, pin this into place so there is no unwanted movement when paddling. These are on instantly adjustable bungees with cordlocks so you can decide for yourself just how ridged you want the system to be. The bungees in turn click into the boat using 4 carabiners that are quickly released so you have instant access to the rear of the boat.

Our hip pads are completely redesigned for 2019. The sides of the kayak have industrial strength velcro glued and riveted to the seat side, and the base pad push locks into place simply by pushing it onto the velcro. For added security, you can pass two webbing straps behind the seat sides. An additional piece of foam is provided, in a strong, fitted, closed nylon cover, that can be placed between the moulded fitted pad, and the seat side for additional padding.

Ample attachment points are provided, but back and front, for all your gear. This can be clipped into the carabiners behind the seat, or held in place by the three adjustable bungee loops on the front vertical support bar, and clipped into place on the stainless steel ring (for expensive things like a camera).

The footrests on most of our boats work with a sturdy, but lightweight and easy to move system which in keeping with all other things Soul, you can customize. 

The basis of the footrest system is two independent tracks. This allows you to adjust the left and right sides differently (no ones legs are equal in length) for comfort, or slacken just one at a time of for example you're prone to cramps. The footrest base is then a large pedal, which runs over the track, which has a large (removable) fitted plate screwed into the pedal to form a complete bulkhead.

The system is adjusted using a thick, easy to grab with cold hands rope which in turn fits into a jam cleat. This makes on the fly micro adjustment quick and easy, allows you to slacken the footrest on easy sections, and tighten it up when the pucker factor kicks in. We also provide two cotter pins so that if you choose, you can lock the system into place (tool free and in seconds) by locking the pedal onto the track using them.

The Main Squeeze, Gonzo, Booty Call and District 11 are outfitted using our 3D adjustable Thigh braces. These allow you to adjust forward and back, more or less wing, as well as the angle relative to your leg shape and size simply by loosening two bolts and shifting it accordingly.


The boats which come with the power seat option use the exact same Skeletor Extreme support system in the boat, along with airbags and everything else, but use none of the parts associated with the Backband, standard seat, or hip pads. Instead, a high impact, lightweight, clear PVC racing style seat is installed. This is the "no frills" system for people who are willing to give up comfort for the ultimate in control, and know how to outfit their boats for a personalized perfect fit (think of the power seat as being like racing front entry ski boots, and standard outfitting from any manufacturer being like a rear entry boot designed for comfort).

We have developed a Marsupial boat bag as a dual purpose tool that comes standard with most of our kayaks.

Firstly, to store and transport your boat correctly and in style. The bag is snug fitting, so it reduces wind flap, and protects your boat from the sun when not in use. The bag has a marsupial pouch over the cockpit area where you can throw your wet stinky gear. And finally, the bag keep bugs, spiders, snakes, mud and all other undesirables out of the boat while it's in storage.

It's second use is for travel, especially airline travel. Many airlines are now beginning to allow surfboards back on flights at no cost or reduced rates. We've branded this to look like a surfboard bag, and added warnings to be handled with care.


The Terrible Two uses our standard outfitting in the back, but has a height adjustable kids seat for the front. Smaller kids you raise up so they have a bette view, and larger kids you drop down so they're more comfortable, simply by removing 4 screws and then relocating to the pre-drilled position. The front footrests are a slalom style pedal that adjusts quickly on a rail.

The Mini Me and Angel have seats that adjust forward and back in seconds, aligning with three pre established slots in the cockpit rim. The Mini me also uses a heel block style footrest that slides on the center hull support. The MiniMe and Terrible Two are outfitted standard with our Rotax retractable fin. 

Lastly, because we're beyond awesome, your kayak comes with TWO large pieces of 3" thick MiniCel foam that you can use to outfit your kayak anyway you like.


The Hooptie outfitting... well, that's for you dirtbag paddlers, video boaters, raft guides, and people who... well, just break a lot of kayaks and have a half dozen broken boats in the back yard you can pillage for all the internal parts you need to outfit your boat. The boat comes with a non adjustable spacious hung seat, non padded thigh brace, a center hull support bar, front vertical support, a short foam rear wall, grab loops and logos. That's it.

After that it's up to you to bust out the old junk you have lying around, foam and glue, and get at it old school style. You can buy the boat as stated above, or go to our accessory page and buy any of the parts you might need that you don't have (like backband, or footrests, cockpit vertical support etc). These are shipped separately.

Example of a Hooptie boat with Backband, footrests and hip pad added.