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We have approached outfitting from ground zero: On one had the advances in outfitting, allowing people to take a boat off the shelf, adjust a few straps and screws, and be ready to go is awesome. On the other, most of the time this adds significant weight to the kayaks, and if you don't like what the designer thinks is the ultimate way of doing it, you're sort of stuck with it. Anything can be removed, but most of the time once it's removed the surfaces remaining are not conducive to you doing your own thing. Our goal thus, was to bring to market boats and boards which have all the adjustment you could possibly need, so off-the-shelf you can take the boat paddling and love it always as is, but if you have your own ideas of how a boat should feel, or want to reduce our already lightweight boats even more, allow you to pull some, or most of it out, and have surfaces in place that are designed specifically to make it possible for you to glue in foam and carve this out to your personal liking.

It's like having your cake and eating it.

The focus overall was on reducing weight, keeping the boat stiff, and staying functional with minimal hassle. An extruded carbon/nylon center beam runs along the hull, pinned down front and back by vertical beams secured to the cockpit flanges. No holes are drilled in the outer shell for this.

The seat is a simple, lightweight and comfortable molded foam section held in place with velcro, and it can be moved in seconds without tools.

The back band runs on a plastic pivoting rail, keeping it high and shapped, yet still rotates under you when you lean back. This can be tension-released for flatwater paddling without removing your skirt, and is macro adjusted without the use of tools.

The hip pads attach to the internal cockpit flange without webbing straps and buckles, and is easily adjusted forward and back, up and down according to your leg and hip size and shape. Or it can be removed and a wide flat surface area is there for you to glue on whatever you like.

The thigh brace can be adjusted three dimensionaly without tools – forward and back, rotating to more or less hook, and pivoted on itself to fit your leg size. This too can be removed, and the under cockpit shape, and small winglett left in place are designed to be comfortable and supportive with no more than a thin skin of foam glued onto it.



The bulkhead footrest is attached to two strong side rails, and is adjusted in seconds a click at a time by pulling them towards each other, sliding it forward, and releasing it, making it light and safe. The bulkhead plate itself is made from two thick and strong plastic plates, which can be easily removed from the adjustment plate, leaving you with an oversized slalom-style footrest for those not needed the extra safety provided by the full plate.

There are no ratchets, ropes, pulleys, straps, water absorbing padding, or other nonsense to clutter the cockpit. It has exactly what you need to paddle with absolute precision, without all the nonsense.