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Soul Patrol

Athlete Name Corran Addison    
Athlete Particulars Weight 175 Height 5'9" Age 47
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: I am he and he is me and we are all SOUL
SOUL kayak that excites you the most Terrible Two  
Athlete Claim to fame 1992 Olympic slalom kayaker      
2x Freestyle world silver medalist          
1x world bronze medalist          
world record for highest waterfall ever run 1988-2006          
Invented the planing hulled kayak      
Invented or co-invented most of the freestyle moves between 1993 and 2000          



Athlete Name Abed Borsa      
Athlete Particulars Weight 225lbs Height 6.2" Age 23
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: I like the fact that Soul is made for Whitewater Paddlers by Whitewater Paddlers.
Athlete Claim to fame 2014 short boat class winner of cheat race            
2015 tied for first place short boat class for Lower Big Sandy race          
Was part of the group that did the second ever desent of Keesler(meadow) creek of the Gualey    



Athlete Name Andrew Koch
Athlete Particulars Weight 175lbs Height 6'1"                      Age 36
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: I like paddling the most innovative designs
Athlete Claim to fame 10 years as instructor for NOC
1st in mens Expert NOC shootout
Kayaked in Dominican Rep, Chile, Mexico, Canada, USA, Tasmania, and the Grand Canyon


Athlete Name Jerome Ouellet    
Athlete Particulars Weight 200 lbs Height 6'4" Age 24 Size XL
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: Because Soul's boat are RAD. The company is always moving forward to innovate and bring new things.
design,and I want to push and promote the brand as best as I can
Athlete Claim to fame I have been studying to become Flight Dispatcher, then I have discover Rafting and kayaking,now I Live and Travel In a VAN with a cute kitty…
Before I was Doing Kayak,I was a Downhill Longboarder,I have been participating and organising several Events In East. Top speed on a
Personal Top speed on a Longboard : + 100 km/h        
When I was 13 years old,I had 11 Aquariums stack on shelve in my bedroom. I was reproducing (tried to) and selling exotics fish

Athlete Name Andrew Doolan    
Athlete Particulars Weight 175lbs Height 5.11" Age 22
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: Superior equipment design and a team that has a passion to get on the river.
Athlete Claim to fame 1st place Raft Olympics. Jasper, AB 2014.    
Years of organizing & leading multi-day expeditions have driven me to find more waterways to explore
My love for paddling derives from being confined to a city environment, it made me appreciate bring in the outdoors so much more.
1st Descents of local creek(s)      



Mike Kester      
Weight 190lb Height 5.8" Age 47
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: Sic rides, rocky slides, and classic glides are my main motivation.
One of the original members of the Onslow bay boys surf team.  
Winner of several ESA contests in the 80's and 90's.    
5th place finisher in the Backyard Brawl ASF contest.  
Winner of paddlefest SUP race side by side with my 13 year old who won the kids division 2 years in a row.
3rd place finisher in the Briad creek SUP race.    
But by far the greatest accomplishment is bringing up another generation of paddlers with my 4 children.



Athlete Name Andreas Kasprzok    
Athlete Particulars Weight 215 lbs Height 5' 11" Age 26
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: Having a close relationship with the manufacturer, to make boats for boaters, and rethink the status quo
SOUL kayak that excites you the most The F Bomb! I love long, zippy boats that I can squirt.
Athlete Claim to fame Ran Gorilla… Once      
Can eat 25 cheese sticks in a single sitting.    
Boated the Gauley in a group of 39 women.    


Athlete Name Étienne Béland        
Athlete Particulars Weight 160 Height 5’10 Age 25
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: I love the design on every Soul kayak, and that makes me wanna ride every day with them     
Athlete Claim to fame I got six years of whitewater kayaking around North America          
  Am a River Guide since eight years adds four years safety kayak full time          
  I do kayaking because this is one the sickest way to feel free and be stuck with people that are truly there to make the run successful and having fun on the water. I am dedicated to any of my craft that I have been using, and think I am with the right crew.          


Athlete Name Kevin Heiner        
Athlete Particulars Weight 150 Height 5'5" Age 38
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: I've been and am excited about Corran's designs, and now, about being part of a small kayak company.     
Athlete Claim to fame Whitewater kayaking has introduced me to a community of characters around the world who are committed to that community,          
  travel, adventure, self-improvement and fun. It's hard to beat that!          
  Kayaking is also about exploration and has taken me abroad to Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Mexico.   Stateside, it's taken me to CO          
  NM, AZ, UT, ID, WY, MT, OR, WA, CA, which all leaves me with plenty of places to aspire to travel to.
  Finally, kayaking is about balance and improvement, both on and off the water. This is a fluid dynamic, and as I've started a family I've
  continue to push myself, travel and paddle with friends. This may be my greatest trelated accomplishment and a continual challenge.



Athlete Name Steve WO-mack    
Athlete Particulars Weight 170 Height 6'1 Age 28
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: Without soul you cannot have natural progression... SOUL=progression...a home
SOUL kayak that excites you the most Chaos monkey!  


Athlete Name Jared Scheurich    
Athlete Particulars Weight 180 Height 6 feet Age 21
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: Soul is pushing the boundaries of current kayak design, and coupled with the drive to just have good old fun on the river, makes for an exciting future.
SOUL kayak that excites you the most For sure the F bomb. I can't help but love a good slicey design.
Athlete Claim to fame 2nd in open division slalom and 3rd in boatercross at e      
boatercross at the 竹料激流回旋基地 Race      
2+ years kayak instruction      
A passion on and off the river for kayaking      
I try to learn something new every time I      
kayak. Everyone you meet knows something you don't!    


Athlete Name Dan Bennis      
Athlete Particulars Weight 175 Height 5'10" Age 35
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: Soul makes kayaks that are fun to paddle; the designs are innovative and keep
moving the sport forward.  
Athlete Claim to fame Class 4 and 5 Creeker, Canoe and Kayak Slalom Racer, and sometimes playboater always ready to go paddle!
Kayak instructor introducing new paddlers to the thrill of whitewater and advanced paddlers get to the next level.
Always exploring new rivers, going on adventures and making new friends.


Athlete Name Marc Godbout    
Athlete Particulars Weight 145lbs Height 5.10" Age 20
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: Anyone who is developing such rad new boats is definitely worth paddling for!
Athlete Claim to fame Put in to takeout in a tandem Canoe on the main channel in 54.56 minutes (Ottawa River)
2x C1 icf world cup silver medalist (2016)    
Ran the Dumoine River at 10 months old    
Been instructing paddling for 4 years      


Athlete Name Matt Parker      
Athlete Particulars Weight 155 Height 5'6" Age 39 Size M
In one sentence, why do you want to be part of SOUL: I am addicted to how Soul's progressive designs engage me with the river , and allow me to express
my passion and soul on the river the way I want.      
Athlete Claim to fame Whitewater kayaking since 1996              
Certified whitewater kayaking instructor for 15 years            
Unforgettable memories of exploring rivers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, California, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador  
Placed 3rd in Santa Cruz Paddle Fest Whitewater Surf division          
Appearance in No Big Names whitewater kayaking film by Ashland Mine Productions      
" I like surfing so much because it's like sledding which I did a lot growing up in the midwest of the United States.   The only difference is now I
have control while sledding down a hill of water. Souls designs give me this control I crave."      


Athlete Name Lucas Williams    
Athlete Particulars Weight 210 Height 5,10 Age 26 Size L
Why do you want to be part of SOUL: I like the fact that Soul is about quality not quantity.
SOUL kayak that excites you the most Slalom 350 max, I have always want a plastic slalom boat I can bomb down the river      
Athlete Claim to fame I guided a 5 person raft down the lower green.    
First kayak descent of Grove creek      
First raft descent of Cedar Falls      
The first river I ever paddled in a kayak was class 3.          



Athlete Name





Current Location






Athlete Particulars


175 lbs


5' 8"

Age 47







Why  SOUL:


Constant creativity and innovation









SOUL kayak that excites you the most

The custom boats are something that everyone has fantasized about and someone is finally doing it.  And, with the plastic ones, since the company does not have to support a gigantic sales staff, it can make designs that are truly fun.






Athlete Claim to fame 

Sponsored whitewater athlete since 1996.  U.S.  Olympic team trials in 2000 & 2004 (when you still had to qualify for those events).  I was in the process of designed my own playboat in 1998, then met Corran, and the rest is history(ical).  I have run summer camp kayak departments and instructed since 1998.  My photographs and other art works about whitewater have been in many publications and private collections.  Ask me how to customize something and I get all excited!