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Space Shifter

Space Shifter

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Soul designer Corran Addison has teamed up with 1981 world downriver

silver medalist and experienced surf ski racer Jerome Truran to create

the ultimate surf ski for kids.


The Space Shifter kids surf ski draws from various paddling disciplines –

surfski, slalom, river running, wave riding and flatwater sprinting to

give kids a quantum leap forward in performance. The end result is a

highly responsive craft, with an organic feel on the water that allows

kids to have fun and enjoy the moment. It's a versatile craft, at home

in a wide variety of conditions, while at the same time being a simply

built, easy to maintain, strong (kid proof) and safe, rotomoulded



The generous rocker, stern rails and flattened hull at the stern makes

this boat highly manoeuvrable, so it'll handle anything from open

ocean swells to flatwater and inland lake chop. The reverse bow and

flowing lines of the ski mimic the natural wave that's created as the

boat moves through the water.


A drop down skeg, located close to the paddler helps it track, while

remaining easy to steer, without the need for a pedal controlled

rudder system. The adjustable K1 style racing seat provides proper

paddling posture and with the adjustable foot pedals allows you to

trim the ski for paddler size and the days conditions.


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Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Space Shifter


12' | 366cm


19”| 46cm

Height (front)

9.5” | 23.8cm

Height (Back)

6.9” | 17.4cm

Nose Rocker

5.1" | 13cm

Tail Rocker

6.1” | 15.5cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Inside)

45”| 60cm

Cockpit Width (Inside)

14.5”| 34cm

Plastic Type (orange/black)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (yellow)

Hilex 16 SHDPE

Boat Weight (Standard)

30lbs | 14kg

Boat Weight (Light)

28 lbs | 13kg (special order only)

General Paddler Weight

40lbs - 110lbs | 18kg - 50kg ( approx 5-14yr old)

Performance Paddler

50lbs – 90lbs | 22kg-40kg  (approx 7-13yr old)


Rotax kick-up

Grab Loops

2+1 (paddle leash attachment)



Adjustable Seat

K1 Style marathon seat


30 Gal | 115 ltr


 Note: The Skeg is designed to fall out rather than tipping your kid over if it hits something. Read more here about this, and how to change that if you want to.

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