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Acid Drop

Acid Drop


The Acid Drop, available in two sizes, are the ultimate river running creekers. While they are not quite as creek dedicated as the Chaos Monkey, they are slightly more lively to paddle.

Nimble, responsive - even sporty feeling - this kayak can creek side by side with the best of them, while still offering a performance style that keeps you excited. Carving in and out of eddies like a slalom kayak, the Acid Drop keeps its speed and holds a line. If you're running serious class 5, you need to have the skill set to make this boat work, but for those class 4 outings, even moderately skilled paddlers will really enjoy the sporty sensation you get out of paddling this kayak.

The rocker is slightly more relaxed, and the hull lightly curved side to side, giving it a smooth edge to edge feel requiring minimal body input. Easy to roll because of the curved lines throughout, it allows you to push yourself taking cool lines through your favorite rapids. It resurfaces instantly, carrying forward speed moving you out and away from drops keeping your fast zippy flow going.

Read about the Outfitting here.

All Prices are in USA Dollars. Price includes partial shipping* paid by Soul Waterman. 

Made in Italy. Only Available in N America. Delivery in Spring 2017.

Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Acid Drop


8'5"| 259cm  and  8'1"| 248cm


25.75”| 65.5cm  and  25.2"| 64cm

Height (front)

12.2” | 31cm  and  11.8” | 30cm

Height (Back)

9.7” | 24.6cm  and  9.5” | 24cm

Nose Rocker

13” | 33cm  and 12” | 30.5cm

Tail Rocker

11” | 28cm  and  10” | 25.5cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

34.3”| 87cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

20”| 51cm

Plastic Type (Orange colour)

High Density Superlink

Plastic Type (Yellow Colour)

High Density Superlink

Boat Weight (Orange)

48lbs | 22kg and 44lbs | 20kg

Boat Weight (Green)

44lbs | 20kg and 39lbs | 18kg

Extreme Use Paddler Weight

150lbs-220lbs | 68kg-100kg and 100lbs-170lbs | 45kg-77kg

General Use Paddler Weight

120lbs – 240lbs | 54kg-109kg and 80lbs-190lbs | 36kg-86kg

Internal Outfitting

Skeletor Extreme 2

Grab Loops


Security Bars


Flip Up Skeg



88 Gal | 332ltr and 77 Gal | 293ltr

 (Construction Details)


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