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We all know size matters, right? And the biggest and boldest of paddlers have been neglected for too long. So with a big heart, we are entering the big boat market, big time!

We are not talking about a medium design scaled up proportionately. Simply put, that doesn't work. A tall heavy person might be only 10% taller, but 40% heavier than the guys the M boats are designed for. So to make the XL kayak deliver the same performance as a M boat, you have to redesign it from scratch with the end goal in mind. Simply taking an existing design and scaling it up X percentage just doesn't work.

The BigFoot is not a classic half slice. It's shorter, making it more nimble and playfull, especially in smaller river features. The tail is small enough to pivot, but it's not going to be squirly small in challenging water. It'll surf up a storm on the smallest to bigest waves, and the bow is just small enough to allow you to throw down when you really want to.

Despite the playfull pedigree, major attention was payed to downriver paddling. The generous rocker and ample bow volume provides a dry, secure ride, while radically tucked rails keep the boat supremely forgiving in the most squirly of conditions. It's fast enough for those must make moves, while keeping an exciting sporty feel on the water.

Fit and comfort are key, and is the biggest complaint of stocky folks cramming into kayaks. Hip and thigh room is of paramount importance, as well as ample footroom for those giants out there.

The boat will come with its own specifically designed outfitting, made for large paddlers. That's right, we're not going to just drop in the outfitting we have: we're building the right fittings for you.

The BigFoot comes with the transport wheel. 

The BigFoot is made to two weight specifications: SuperTough and Superlight constructions, depending on your paddling needs. Both will handle the forces and impacts big guys put into their boats. Shown weights are pre production estimates and could vary.


Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name BigFoot
Length 8'| 243cm
Width 29”| 74cm
Volume 87 Gal | 331ltr
Height (front) 14.3” | 36cm
Height (Back) 11.5” | 29cm
Nose Rocker 13” | 32cm
Tail Rocker 9” | 23cm
Cockpit Length (Outside) 36”| 290cm
Cockpit Width (Outside) 22.5”| 56cm
General Use Paddler Weight 200bs -280lbs | 90kg-125kg
Playboating Paddler Weight 240lbs – 300lbs | 110kg-135kg


 *Outfitting shown is not the final fitting. Delivery between late summer 2023 and spring 2024. 

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