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Slalom 350

Slalom 350

$649.99 $1,199.99

Our SL 350 is based on the design concepts of modern shorter slalom boats.

The quick lifting rocker and cut away stern makes these boats quick to turn and pivot, with fast acceleration for short bursts of speed, this design brings slalom style paddling to recreational paddlers and recreational racers.


All Prices are in USA Dollars. Price includes partial shipping* paid by Soul Waterman. 

Made in Italy. Only Available in N America.

Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

SL 350


11'6"| 351cm 


23.6”| 60cm 

Height (front)

 27.8cm  |  10.9" 

Height (Back)

21.5cm  |  8.5" 

Nose Rocker

 19.1cm  |  7.5" 

Tail Rocker

 19.0cm  |   7.5"  

Rocker type

Continuous front, kick rocker back

Cockpit Length (Outside)

29.5”| 75cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

17”| 43cm

Plastic Type (Orange colour)

High Density Superlink

Plastic Type (Yellow Colour)

High Density Superlink

Boat Weight (Yellow)

32lbs | 14.5kg

Boat Weight (Orange)

32lbs | 14.5kg

SL 350 paddler weight

100lbs – 150lbs | 45 - 65kg

Skirt Size

K1 Slalom

Internal Outfitting

Seat, foam walls, adjustable footrests

Grab Loops


Security Bars


Flip Up Skeg



 195ltr  | 51.5gal 



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