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Made in South Africa where rivers are harsh.

The one thing Corran Addison found paddling sup over the last 14 years, is that it's difficult to find a paddle thats strong, light, and performance based.

Teaming up with South Africa's Maxpaddle, who are renown for building strong and light marathon racing paddles, we have developed a paddle that is simply unsurpassed. 

The blade is a spoon design (more like a kayak than an outrigger in concept), with a slightly dihedral face. This makes the blade very powerful, and allowed us to reduce its overall size. This in turn reduces weight and increases strength. The paddle is forgiving, feathers predictably, and is immensely powerful.

The shaft in turn finds the perfect balance of weight, strength and stiffness, so you can be sure it won't break thought normal use, or tear your joints apart.

The Neutron is available in racing and extreme construction. Paddles are not adjustable in length - you cut the shaft to length and glue in the T Grip.

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