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Marsupial Boat Bag

Marsupial Boat Bag


Marsupial Boat Bag

Protect your investment, and travel with ease.

We have developed this Marsupial boat bag as a dual purpose tool.

Firstly, to store and transport your boat correctly and in style. The bag is snug fitting, so it reduces wind flap, and protects your boat from the sun when not in use (ALL materials, especially plastics, are aversely affected by UV). The bag has a marsupial pouch over the cockpit area where you can throw your wet stinky gear, and keep your car smelling good. And finally, the bag keep bugs, spiders, snakes, mud and all other undesirables out of the boat while it's in storage.

It's second use is for travel, especially airline travel. Many airlines are now beginning to allow surfboards back on flights at no cost or reduced rates. We've branded this to look like a surfboard bag, and added warnings to be handled with care. It's one thing if you're going to abuse your boat, but you certainly don't want the airline doing it.

It must be ordered specifically for your boat, so make sure you select the correct option.

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