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2020 Chaos Monkey

2020 Chaos Monkey



*Lifetime Warranty * Industries Premium Outfitting * Strongest and Stiffest Plastic * Delux Kayak Transport Bag * Loads of Free Outfitting Foam * Accident Protection

If you're that guy that just wants to plug a whole bunch of really gnarly stuff, this is your boat. This is you, making sense of the chaos out there.  Most of the volume is centered around the paddler, and we have complimented this with a number of unique design features that really help in keeping this magical boat on the surface, and driving forward.

Taking what we have learned from our ultra fast extreme racer, the Sucker Punch, we’ve built a peaked “cathedral” deck into the first half of the boat and last half of the stern decks. While the extreme nose rocker (the highest and most progressive out there) rides this boat high and dry, there are simply some drops you can’t skip over the top (or in large waterfalls, don't want to).

Combined with the “Plug Fluffer”, an inspired design innovation that breaks the surface tension of the water on the bow deck, releasing it for rapid resurfacing, and the “Trunk Junk” behind you, that catches flow exiting the base of the drop propelling you forwards and away, this cathedral deck makes “plugged” drops almost feel like you skipped over them.

The hull of this boat is graceful in its lines and sweep. It’s designed to flow with the water, not fight it. In just two strokes you'll accelerate to cruising speed, and that's all you need to make this boat function. It turns on a dime both on rail and flat, thanks to the flat hull and rounded forgiving rails. Those same forgiving rails will slip effortlessly across the gnarliest of rocks in a controlled and intended trajectory, while working for you to carve through eddies, or getting out of holes.

This boat will boof just because you were thinking about it, and it wont go careening off in weird directions when you hit funky curlers, or protruding rocks. The Chaos Monkey rolls so fast and fluid you won't miss a beat - kinda nice when you made an itty bitty mistake halfway down something you'd rather be right side up on.

The Chaos Monkey is available in THREE specifications.

The Yellow and Orange comes outfitted with the NEW 2019 Skeletor Extreme, The Tequila Sunrise comes in the Power Seat version with the Skeletor Extreme support system, and the Blue comes as the base model Hooptie option.

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Click HERE to learn about our "Bare Bones" Hooptie outfitting system, for those that prefer to outfit their own boats.

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All Prices are in USA Dollars. Price includes half of the cost of shipping* paid by Soul Waterman. We HIGHLY recommend you buy shipping insurance before checking out.


Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Chaos Monkey


9'6"| 290cm


26.5”| 67cm

Height (front)

14” | 36cm

Height (Back)

12.5” | 32cm

Nose Rocker

15.5” | 39cm

Tail Rocker

11.6” | 29.5cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

34.3”| 87cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

20”| 51cm

Plastic Type (Orange/Yellow)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (Blue)


Boat Weight (All Others)

51lbs | 23kg

Boat Weight (Yellow)

46lbs | 21kg

General use Paddler Weight

140lbs-230lbs | 64kg-105kg

Creeking Paddler Weight

160lbs – 210lbs | 73kg-95kg

Standard Outfitting

Skeletor Extreme 2

Blue Hooptie

Non Adjustable Hung Seat - 22kg shell.

Grab Loop


Bulkhead system

Yes (except Hooptie)


91 Gal | 343ltr



We wrap the kayak in a cool bag, rather than disposable plastic and cardboard packing. We put a skin of plastic over this to help protect the bag from dirt and scuffing, but it is also possible that the boats can arrive with bags more abused than this. This is a free bag for you to keep and use, but we cannot make shipping damage claims for damaged bags (the few times that it happens)

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