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"When you think of Corran's game-changing designs like the Big Gun and the Mafia, and remember they were 8' and less, you realize that you don't need all that length and mass for your everyday creek run" - Steve Gardner


You might wonder why we called this the Hammer? This is the playboaters creekboat. It’s designed to paddle and feel more like the boat you know, so the adaptation period is easier. But beware, this is not a half-slice, nor a river runner. It’s an all out, teeth-baring creek boat. While it's more focused on tighter lower volume creeks, true to its namesake, the Hammer will handle even the biggest volume runs. This is a creeker focused on improving the paddling experience for everyone, not just a handfull of pros.

Modern bow rocker will shoot and skip the Hammer over everything, while a pivotable tail allows you to dip the tail lightly so you can turn it more like the boat you know (if you're looking for a squirting half-slice, this is not the boat). This tail also makes getting out of holes much easier, while the stern deck crown keeps you confident that you won't backender.

By shortening the length, increasing width, and a dollop of generous tail rocker to reduce rock tapping, the planing hulled Hammer skims across the water like a skipping stone, so you’re constantly moving away from the nasty stuff. 

The soft planing hull with raised edges means it’ll move across the water with familiarity, and make wave playing fun if you’re on that sort of river. And lastly, we've packed maximum stability and volume into this highly maneuverable, super responsive and extremely forgiving boat.

When you need to nail your line, every time, you use a Hammer!

Both versions of the Hammer have the built in wheel recess for easy transport  

Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name Hammer
Length 8' | 243cm
Width 27” | 68.5cm
Volume 82 Gal | 310ltr
Height (front) 14” | 36cm
Height (Back) 10.8” | 27cm
Nose Rocker 14.5” | 37cm
Tail Rocker 10.5” | 26cm
Cockpit Length (Outside)

35” | 89cm
Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 53cm
Sane Creeking Paddler Weight 140bs-250lbs | 65kg-114kg
Insane Creeking Paddler Weight 140lbs – 220lbs | 65kg-100kg


People who ordered the Hammer, also got the Transport wheel

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