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Super Skip RR

Super Skip RR



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SuperSkipRR. Say it out loud "Superskiperrr". RR: Ready to Race? River Runner? Really Rad? It means what you want it to mean. And it paddles the way you want to paddle.

We took the SuperSkipper, and made a sporty, zippy version. It is essentially the same boat, but with a twist: You can pivot turn using the Dip Tail design.

Some people feel more comfortable in a boat that allows them to whip the boat around on a stern pivot, and if that sometimes makes the boat slightly more susceptible to backendering, it's a worthwhile tradeoff for the added control and precision. And when that does happen, it's such a controlled experience, that you're still going to put the boat where you want it.

This isn't a half-slice. You're not going to be stern stalling this thing. It's designed to pivot quickly and precisely, and then eject you on your way. So if you paddle a half slice, or a playboat, the crossover to the SuperSkipRR is going to be smooth and effortless: like lounging in your favorite couch!

Think of the SuperSkipRR as the SuperSkip, turbo charged!


And now for something truly unique. The SuperSkipper and SuperSkipRR are designed to be used as a pair. Like a golfer with a bag of clubs. Two boats that paddle almost exactly alike, so you can bounce seamlessly from one to the other depending on the days conditions with no adaptation period. One to keep you alive no matter what the river is throwing at you, and one to make those step-down runs more sporty and interesting. Like two wings of the same bird.


Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name SuperSkipRR
Length 8'11" | 273cm
Width 26.75” | 67cm
Volume 84 Gal | 319ltr
Height (front) 13.5” | 35cm
Height (Back) 8” | 20.5cm
Nose Rocker 18.5” | 47cm
Tail Rocker 10” | 25.5cm
Cockpit Length (Outside)

35” | 89cm
Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 53cm
River Runner Paddler Weight 130bs-250lbs | 60kg-114kg
Creeking Paddler Weight 130lbs – 210lbs | 60kg-95kg


Boat weights are pre production estimates*
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