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C1 Saddle

C1 Saddle



Universal C1 Saddle

The demand is there for a lightweight, stiff, and stable C1 saddle that will assemble easily and firmly into any kayak as a conversion, or C1 to replace the stock outfitting. Developed with olympic slalom paddlers, world freestyle medalists, and bad ass extreme creekers, this is the ultimate C1 set up.

Thermoformed in stiff HDPE, the saddle attaches to the sidewalls of the boat using counter sunk screws on the outside (so no knuckle rasping) and uses wing nuts on the inside to secure it. This can be adjusted 4cm forward and back as needed after the screws are installed.

Stiffening the entire system is our extruded hull support which runs in a V shape from the saddle to each side of the front wall. This keeps the hull of your kayak to its correct form, as well as making it possible to tighten thigh straps without the saddle bending and deforming. 

Padded thigh straps tighten using a snowboard type ratchet, and can be put into two positions according to preference -  further forward so its mid thigh, or closer to your crotch. The point of contact with the hull is straight down from your inner thigh, reducing side to side movement of the leg, and eliminating the need to over tighten. The entire ratchet system connects to a single central quick release buckle.

The plastic saddle sits 10cm (4") from the hull, and comes standard with a 5vm (2") minicel pad that can be shaped to preference. The back end of the Pedestal is cut away to get your toes closer to the centerline of the kayak for comfort. Meanwhile, ankles are supported with provided minicel pads.

A basic U shaped knee cup is provided, and can be easily glued into the generous surface area of the saddle base.

Back support is supplied via our adjustable backband which operates through cam straps just like our kayaks. This allows for a tighter or looser fit, as desired according to conditions and dress, as well as offering trim adjustment.

C1 Saddle package includes:

Universal Base

Seat foam and back support foam blocks

Knee pad foam, seat foam

Pair of padded thigh straps with quick release buckle

Mounting hardware (Screws, nuts, bungee etc)

View the mounting instructions here.

Delivery spring 2021. All prices USD

If you want to secure the saddle properly it needs to be screwed through the side of the boat. You can do it the way a lot of saddles are designed by having the centre walls holding the saddle in place, but the most common complaint with this is that they move. That's why people have been putting in aluminum cross struts that they screw through the sidewall. We've designed it to be bomb proof - you can choose to make it less so if you like.

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