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C1 Paddle

C1 Paddle


Made in South Africa, where rivers are harsh.


We have the first dedicated plastic C1 on the market with the Fanatix, so it's only fitting that we also bring you two fantastic C1 paddle options: The Gnarr and the Surfer.

The Gnarr sports a bigger more powerful blade, allowing for a slower more methodical stroke rate, and better support leaning on the paddle. The Dihedral blade face is smooth through the water, while the slightly buoyant blade gives you that extra confidence.

The Surfer is a smaller, high rep blade design, made for quicker stroke rate and more refined finessed paddling. Similar Dihedral blade and internal floatation for support makes this the idea paddle sor surf and play.

The Battle Ax construction consists of a mix of kevlar carbon co-weave, with kevlar and S glass layers. The River Runner is built with a kevlar carbon co-weave and carbon layers, with internal kevlar and S Glass layers. Both have a foam core. The shaft is a full carbon twill construction.

Both paddle shapes are available in Battle Ax and River runner constructions.

Gnarr Blade Size: 500mm x 210mm 

Surfer Blade size: 480mm x 21.5mm

Shaft Size: 28mm OD x 500mm

Blade Weight: Gnarr  397g | BattleAx 436g

Blade Weight: River Runner  361g | BattleAx 400g

Paddle is delivered as a unassembled, and needs to be assembled to get the length you prefer.


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