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Füry II Progression

The new Füry II is really starting to take shape. Computer testing is progressing and we're now at the point of making an actual prototype to test. The key in the design has been to make the kayak work effectively when it's on edge using a traditional surfboard style outline for carving hard, and then to use sidecut on the inner edges to help turn the kayak when it's almost completely flat (setting up for airs and slight angle adjustments are needed with minimal lean so maximum bounce can be had). In addition there is the conflicting desires of having...

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Fury II

Anyone who was paddling in the mid 1990's will remember the iconic Fury - arguably the most significant kayak design in the last 20 years as it effectively brought the concept of the planing hulled kayak to freestyle kayaks. While there have been breakthrough designs since the Fury, it was this kayak that effectively started the planing hull design revolution - the base concept which ALL modern freestyle kayaks are based on. The Fury was revolutionary for many reasons past the planing hull. It was very short for the time, was the first kayak with sidecut to improve carving, dimples...

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The Origins of designer Corran Addison

Many have wondered how our designer, Corran Addison, became a designer. The truth is that he never had a choice. In 1970's Apartheid South Africa, where he grew up, the country was separated from the rest of the world through sanctions. As such, very little about what was happening in the USA and Europe was getting into the country. And this included paddlesports. His father, Graeme Addison, in about 1975 portaging what was considered "unrunable rapids" So when his father decided he wanted to learn to kayak, there was no question about walking into a kayak shop, buying a kayak,...

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Booty Call First Paddle

The Booty Call is our new hairball extreme creeking boat. When we were describing it one day, the comment that we got back was "the Yoda of creekers". That's about it. This is the first boat out the mold, so its not outfitted, but we just wanted to take it for a quick spin to see how it feels. As tony the tiger said - "It feels Greeeaaaat!"

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Gonzo First paddle

Ahhh, the Gonzo. We've been really anxious to get this one done. Paddling a crappy fiberglass proto is one thing, but getting the final plastic boat onto the water, now that's a special treat. Obviously there are no logos, or even outfitting on this, but we were still really excited to get it on the water, even if it was a lake, just to feel how it... felt. And it felt every bit what we were hoping for....  

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