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Main Squeeze design evolution

The Main Squeeze continues to evolve, as we look for that perfect balance of river running ability, playfullness, ease and excitement all in one boat. It's a tall order, but we know that when we get it right, we'll truly have an amazing boat on our hands.

One of the latest elements of the design to evolve, is the boats length, and volume distribution. We've bumped it up from 6'9" to 7'4", to give the boat more glide when paddling downriver, or hitting waves on the fly.

We've also removed some of the "plump" to the volume distribution (much needed on shorter freestyle kayaks) to smooth things out, and make it easier to do some of the "old school" blunting cartwheeling type moves. At 243ltr (64 gal) it is by no means small, but it is now more streamlined.

While the focus remains on a river running playboat, with a great emphasis on playfulness, we really want this to excel at river running, and actually be fun to paddle, rather than float down waiting for the next play spot (we will have other boats for this).

Release date for the Main Squeeze remains uncertain as we continue to evolve the design.

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