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Füry II Progression

The new Füry II is really starting to take shape. Computer testing is progressing and we're now at the point of making an actual prototype to test.

The key in the design has been to make the kayak work effectively when it's on edge using a traditional surfboard style outline for carving hard, and then to use sidecut on the inner edges to help turn the kayak when it's almost completely flat (setting up for airs and slight angle adjustments are needed with minimal lean so maximum bounce can be had).

In addition there is the conflicting desires of having a boat long enough to paddle into fast waves on the fly, run playful rivers effectively, and still look for that "pop" which leads to all the dynamic air tricks on waves. Long enough to be enjoyable to paddle; short enough to fit into most waves and do the latest tricks.

Another conflicting goal is a design which has enough volume to make it retentive, and slicy enough for some "old school" style hole riding tricks.

At this point its all theory and while computer testing can tell you a lot, it's not until you paddle the boat that you really know what you have.

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