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The Rapidfire was the very first whitewater specific paddleboard on the market. Originally, the design concept started in 2007 as a kevlar board, and by 2009 the Kevlar version of what would be the 2010 plastic board was finished in it's development.

Since then Corran has taken WW SUP design to new and exciting levels, creating with the Firestorm and B Smack designs which excell at running extreme class 4-5. But the very design characteristics that make the Firestorm and B Smack work so well in the intended environment, made the boards somewhat less exciting to paddle on easier class 2-3. This is normal - when the Rapidfire was deigned, class 2-3 is what people ran! Speed, carving, all around river running fun and ease was lost in favor of being able to stick hard drops.

The new 2017 Rapidfire brings this back, blending the latest in design technology and all we've learned over those 10 years, into a concept that follows the originals. Fast, smooth, forgiving, yet able to handle challenging water, and surf waves on the fly, the Rapidfire combines ease with excitement, all in a lightweight construction.

Finally, we've solved the SUP portage problem - now it caries just as comfortably on your shoulder as a kayak!

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Main technical Specifications

Board Name



9'6"| 290cm


33”| 84cm

Height (front)

7.2” | 18cm

Height (Back)

6.8” | 17.3cm

Nose Rocker

7.8” | 18cm  

Tail Rocker

4.2” | 10.8cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length

72"| 182cm

Cockpit Width

28”| 71cm

Heavy Construction


Light Construction


Board Weight (Heavy) -est

29lbs | 13kg

Board Weight (Light) - est

29lbs | 13kg

River Use Paddler Weight

100lbs - 220lbs |45kg-100kg

Boarder X Use Paddler Weight

100lbs –220lbs | 45kg-100kg

Internal Support


Grab Loops


Stomp Hook


Flip Up Skeg



65 Gal | 249ltr

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