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Screaming Meanie

Screaming Meanie


€1857.50 (Excluding VAT)

Fast, faster, fastest! This is the name of the game and the board is called Screaming Meanie for good reason. It’s fast. VERY FAST. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything faster. You’ll know it the second you take your first stroke as the board glides effortlessly cutting through the water with almost no nose wake or splashing.

The lines of the boat follow the natural wake, so it looks blissful on the water. Sufficient deck volume keeps your ride dry when racing behind a pack as you pick your way through, and the extended cockpit standing area gives enough space for a dry bag for expedition paddling.

The sunken standing area gives you just enough stability to be able to paddle hard, but no more. The width is carried back enough to keep the board stable during pivot turns, and then draining effectively out the tail once you’re done, while the flip up skeg allows you to paddle through the shallowest of water without concern, and beach the boat for overnights.

Whether you’re a die hard racer, or just a paddler who loves the feeling of glide, this is your board.

The Screaming Meanie is made with kevlar-carbon for light weight, stiffness and strength


Screaming Meanie – 14′ x 25″ x 11″ – 268ltr

Shipping for epoxy boards is extra. Select COD payment method and we will collect payment only when it ships in January.

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