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Made in South Africa, where rivers are harsh.

The Micron is out step up paddle for kids that are ready to move up from the Gremlin to a composite performance paddle. We've taken our tested and successful adult blade, and scaled it down for kids.

The Micron has a  slightly buoyant blade, which offers increased support in aerated water, and a lightweight composite construction which is both durable and performing. The shaft is a small 20mm diameter, so it has an organic flex feel to it, with grips that increase the shaft size to perfectly fit into kids hands so they can paddle all day without fatigue. 

And finally, we have made the paddle highly visible, while keeping it classic and classy looking. Yeah, we like the dayglo orange and yellow, but it's there for safety. A highly visible paddle is an effective communication tool, and it's easy to find after you drop it playing in your favorite wave.

The Micron comes in two adjustable lengths: 160-170cm and 170-180cm. You set the feather you want and the width you want.

Blade size: 170mm x 405mm | 1156 cm/sq

Shaft Size: 20.5mm

Grip size: 28mm


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