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We've created a paddle here that, when not being used as a shovel, light sabre or a bat, is suited for the needs of small children who are learning to kayak.

The shaft is small enough to fit into a small childs hands without causing fatigue. The blades are small enough to effectively pull through the water, and offer support. It's just stiff enough for the forces that a young child will apply, so we can keep them light, and of course, strong enough for what the paddle will be used for most of the time - some sort of weapon to fight monsters.

The paddle is bright, so you can chase it down it every time it gets randomly thrown in the water!

The paddle adjusts up to 10cm in length so it can grow with your kid. 

Gremlin Blade Dimensions: 14.5" x 6.5"  |  37cm x 16cm

Gremlin Shaft OD: 1" |  25mm

Gremlin lengths:  57" x 63"  |  145cm x 160cm

 560 Grams

Order the Gremlin for kids between about 8 and 12 (average suggestion).

Paddle comes with T-grip section, that replaces one side of the kayak paddle so it can be used for canoeing, rafting, or paddleboarding.

All prices US$.

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