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Super SendR

Super SendR



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Jump into this fully squirtable, short and playful light creeker.  What that is exactly, is entirely up to you. Some are going to use this as their class 3 super fun, squirting, surfing, boofing river running playboat. Others, are going to be charging class 5. Where you take this is entirely up to you, but it'll do it, and do it well.

The Super SendR is loosely based on the Super SkipRR, but its not just a smaller version. Shorter relative to its overall girth, with a slicy tail, makes it more maneuverable, and requires less overall effort to push around. That's a good thing for lighter paddlers looking to optimize their paddling, as well as stronger paddlers wanting a boat they can throw around.

As you'd expect from Soul, we have once again stepped up the innovation game. The Super SendR comes standard with an eddy accessible swimmer rescue throwbag. While it might not happen that often, every now and then we need to toss a bag to help from mid river, and popping the skirt is not an option. Pull the tethered min hatch, and throw the rope still seated. The compartment is completely sealed, so the water that could slosh into the recess is negligible. Alternately, you can opt to remove the bag, and store things like your phone or snacks there, all at the ready without popping your skirt, or simply not use it at all. This innovation is in addition to our standard transport wheel, and of course our renown mega comfy outfitting.

Kids version is made from a standard HDPE superlinear, and has our basic kids outfiting.

Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name SuperSendR
Length 8' | 243cm
Width 25.2” | 64cm
Volume 65 Gal | 248ltr
Height (front) 12” | 31cm
Height (Back) 8” | 20.5cm
Nose Rocker 16.5 | 42cm
Tail Rocker 8” | 20cm
Cockpit Length (Outside)

34” | 87cm
Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 53cm
River Runner Paddler Weight 100bs-190lbs | 45g-86kg
Creeking Paddler Weight 80lbs – 150lbs | 36kg-68kg


Boat weights are pre production estimates*
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