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Zen Splitboard 158 | 151

Zen Splitboard 158 | 151



Backcountry Touring is all the rage, and for good reason. It's really fun to access untouched, conditions. Just you, and a few friends, with the area to yourselves.

At Soul, we wanted to enter the splitboard market with something really unique. Something special to set us apart. And with the Zen, we've done it: we've created a backcountry touring board that feels like a solid board. In fact, we've built it so that regular bindings can be mounted to the 2x4 insert pattern for that familiar feel we love. It's really hard to tell this is a splitboard even on inbounds icy terrain.

The tech is important. The board is light, with great torsional stability despite the split. Camber under foot gives you superior hold hill climbing, and great pop and response while riding, while the early rocker makes for a fluid surfy feel. The top sheet is treated with our unique "Slip" technology, combined with light reflective colours, to reduce snow and ice buildup while climbing and riding.

We developed the Zen 130 to work with a binding we have designed, but with the carbon adapter plates that it comes with, any splitboard binding will work. The Zen 158 worth with both standard split hole patterns and 4x4 hole patterns (to use our patented split binding). 

Price Includes partial Shipping* included. 158 Delivery December 2022. 151 Delivery Spring 2023


Length 158cm 151cm 
Nose Width 303mm 389mm
Waist Width 262mm 250mm
Tail Width 288mm 275mm
Effective Edge 1140mm 1089mm
Nose Length 410mm 391mm
Nose Rocker 62mm 59mm
Tail length 221mm 211mm
Tail Rocker 29mm 28mm
Camber 5mm 4mm
Stance Width 460 to 660mm 420 to 6620mm
Sidecut Parabolic Parabolic
Approximate Weight 3.2kg
Recommended Stance R: -5/+10 | F +10/+35 R: -5/+10 | F +10/+36



Core Poplar+ Paulownia
Lamination Tri-ax fiberglass w carbon stringers
Resign Epoxy Pre-preg
Base Sintered 7700
Damping Twin Stringer

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