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Stoke Splitboard Binding

Stoke Splitboard Binding


Early Bird discount:

The first 50 pairs are discounted almost $200 to get them out there.


Yes, thats what touring is all about. the stoke. And after 4 years of development, and dozens of prototypes used in a wide range of conditions, we finally bring you a highly adaptive, reliable, and innovative binding that will change the way you think about touring. 

There are so many things about the Stoke, that it's next to impossible to put it all here in writing, so watch the video above for indepth details. But they key points are that the changeover from touring to riding is simpler, faster and more trouble free than any other system, you can change your boot angles on the fly if you want (including going from regular to goofy in seconds tool free).  The Stoke also allows for binding angles of up to 45 deg, for those carvers: the only one in the industry to do that!

Dual heel lift angles of 16deg and 10deg, infinitely adjustable toe strap connection point, and heel cup adjustment so it fits boots from a mens 6 to a mens 12 (correctly centred over the puck), a rotating boot cuff for long traverse boot support (or stiffer feeling boot for steep icy conditions), and a combination of aluminium and carbon base/rails so that the chassis can't bend and crack (a common failure).

The combination of aluminium and carbon parts offer a lightweight, and reliable binding. After all, it's no good making a cool and light binding if it fails on you. 

Binding comes with: Complete banding, touring bracket, pucks, puck adapters, heel risers, crampon.

Binding weight  1150g - per foot, including the binding, touring bracket, pucks and heel risers. (making it light AND the most reliable system on the market once you add it all together). (Compare to Union Charger 1080g and Karakoram Grisley 1172g with all components).

Cad file images shown without ankle and toe straps for clarity.

More videos here

Delivery in December 2023. Due to late production, there are limited quantities for winter 2023/2024.

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