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2021 Pitch Wing 155 Pro (Powder Carve)

2021 Pitch Wing 155 Pro (Powder Carve)


The NEW Pitch Wing PRO is the hard carver, deep powder hunters all mountain dream board. Whether you're coming from surfing, or hard boot racing, or you're just an aggressive carver, you're going to appreciate how aggressively this board will carve: groomers, powder, and all terrain.

Lay back turns on perfectly manicured groomer runs, lip smashes up the sides of the slopes, and deep powder spray turns: it's all in the DNA of this amazing design.

The new Pro is even better than the original. With early rocker coming off a full camber design, the wide generously rockered nose floats up and over even the deepest powder without having to lean back, while the generous camber and sidecut are designed to trench dig your way down mountain groomers. The split tail is slightly stiffer than the original so it holds a little firmer on hard pack, but is just as easy to sink in bottemless powder. 

Forget all you think you know about snowboarding. This is a new way of getting your groove on the mountain. This is the ultimate stick for your soul.

All Prices US$. Price Includes partial Shipping* included. 

Available December 2020

Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Pitch Wing Pro



Nose Width


Waist Width


Tail width


Nose Rocker length


Nose Rocker height


Tail Rocker length


Tail Rocker height


Stance Offset

50mm to rear

Stance Width


Longitudinal flex

 6/10 Medium

Effective Edge




Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass | carbon stringer

Recommended Stance

F 25-45  / R 5-15 deg - Medium to narrow



Soul Stick Pitch Wing 2020 Women's Snowboard Review from on Vimeo.


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