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“In the 80’s and 90’s we created shorter designs for whitewater slalom development - the Reflex and the Fox. Well into the new millennial it is time to do the same. Don’t ask why, it’s for a love of paddling” - Richard Fox

Richard Fox used to be the most successful slalom paddler of all time with 10 world championship titles over more than a decade. Since retiring and being overtaken by his daughter, he has led successful Olympic programs in Australia, so you might say he knows a thing or two about slalom kayaks, and what it takes to excel. 

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to team up with Richard to create his third plastic slalom kayak design. Along with input with athletes such as Scott Shipley (a world cup champion and Olympian), we have created the definitive plastic slalom kayak, focused on bringing the feel and style of a lightweight composite kayak, to everyday paddlers.

Rather than adhering dogmatically to ICF design regulations, we focused rather on making a plastic boat that is naturally heavier but stronger, paddle like a composite boat. To this end we have widened the centre, increased centre volume, shortened the length and increased rocker. 

We have also taken steps to make this a fantastic BoaterCross racer, adding a removable protective soft padded nose cap to protect paddlers from impacts. This will allow an easier technical transition for slalom racers on artificial courses from their slalom boats to these side by side races of pure excitement as the handling properties are similar. 

From recreational club slalom and boatercross racers, to retired olympic slalom paddlers looking for a fun river runner that handles like their race boats, the new Firefox is likely to set the new standard. 



Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name Firefox
Length 9'11"| 298cm
Width 24.8”| 63cm
Volume 64 Gal | 240ltr
Height (front) 11.5” | 29cm
Height (Back) 7.9” | 20cm
Nose Rocker 9.8” | 25cm
Tail Rocker 5.9” | 15cm
Cockpit Length (Outside) 34.3”| 87cm
Cockpit Width (Outside) 20”| 51cm
General Use Paddler Weight 120bs-210lbs | 55kg-95kg
Racing Paddler Weight 140lbs – 190lbs | 65kg-85kg


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