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Custom Kayaks

Custom Kayaks


There is one thing that has separated Surfing, from kayaking (OK, two if you include tiny Bikinis on the beach), and that's custom shapes.

We're not talking about cutting or adding a little to the seam line. We're taking about truly, one-of-a-kind, personalized shapes. Each and every one is truly designed and made for your personal needs, size, weight, and paddling style.

This is a breakthrough in kayaking, as finally you can have a boat that is made specifically for you, and the way you paddle, not just given a close fitting size of the boat the designer likes to paddle.

Over the last year, we have been developing a truly unique method of making "one off" molds. The inspiration came from Corran's experience as a surfboard shaper, where 90% of the thousands of boards he's shaped were custom shapes. We wanted to bring this same level of design precision to river paddlesports.

We CNC cut the mold from the CAD file of the boat we design for you, and then laminate the boat using a combination of Kevlar, Carbon and PVC cores. We can make the boat as strong, or as light.

The boats have no seam, as they are infused in one piece, and then the mold is broken off and can never be used again (making yours truly unique - of course we keep your CAD file so it can be duplicated).

The images supplied are just examples of what we can do, and are broken down into Freestyle, River play, River running (for both K1 and C1) and specialty. You can use these as inspiration for what you'd like to have (and we make some minor tweaks to suit you), or come to us with something completely new (the first hour of design work is free, after that it's $50/hr). Most variations of an existing boat we have fall within the hour, but if you want something truly out there, we can do it.

For a small $30 fee, we will print a 10" scale model of your design and send it to you to look over and check that it is in fact what you want. Nothing beets a real visual to hold and turn over. (International customers please add $30 for shipping).

Your colour choices are a base of Orange, Yellow or Pink as shown. You cannot get custom graphics (our factory would go nuts). Constructions are either a Kevlar/Carbon  (light), Kevlar/Carbon/Fiberglass  (strong) or GRP (Fiberglass/Kevlar - it's still relatively strong, but heavier). All weights are estimates due to the custom one-off nature of the process and we cannot guarantee we can hit your desired weight exactly.

Shipping for custom kayaks is extra, will be charged this at the time of final payment.

*Website pricing is set in USD. It may set to your local currency depending on browser. 

OPEN BOATS: A $100 Additional Charge is added to all OC1 Orders

PRINTED GRAPHICS: Mark in notes whether you want the Soul Splash, Flames, Traditional Wood, Wood Waves or "My own graphic". You can provide your own graphic. It should be a 300dpi, rectangle shape where the width is 25% wider than your boat and the length 5% longer. Remember the center of the graphic is not visible due to the cockpit cut out.

The boats come as a shell only (with grab handles). We are more than happy to sell you the Power Seat, Comfort Seat, Thigh Braces, Bulkheads, and so on, (a larger seat is in development, but is not yet available) but these are extra. The goal has been to keep costs at a minimum for those that already have outfitting lying around, and only charge the people that need it.

I have some questions about the process. Where can I get more information? Go HERE to our FAQ.


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