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Custom EPS Core Paddleboards

Custom EPS Core Paddleboards


Our standard EPS core custom Paddleboards are exactly that: CUSTOM. We can create anything you want - quite literally anything.

We're not talking about cutting or adding a little to the rail, or adding or removing deck crown. We're taking about truly, one-of-a-kind, personalized shapes. Each and every one is truly designed and made for your personal needs, size, weight, and paddling style.

Of course you don't have to go this route. We can also take one of our proven shapes, and adapt it's size to your needs (match the volume to your physical size, or adjust the length and/or width for your paddling needs). It's entirely up to you.

Corran's experience as a surfboard shaper, where 90% of the thousands of boards he's shaped were custom shapes, has allowed him to offer this process to our paddleboard customers.

We make these the same way the industry has been making surfboards and paddleboards (a shaped blank with a laminated skin over the top). We design the board on CAD and then laminate the board using a combination of fiberglass or carbon, according to your needs and wants. We can make the board as strong, or as light as you want. This technology is not recommended for whitewater river use, other than park and play wave surfing.

The images supplied are just examples of what we can do, and are broken down into Racing, Recreational and surfing. You can use these as inspiration for what you'd like to have (and we make some minor tweaks to suit you), or come to us with something completely new.

Shipping for custom boards is extra, will be charged this at the time of shipping.



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