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Hooptie Outfitting


The Hooptie outfitting... well, that's for you dirtbag paddlers, video boaters, raft guides, and people who... well, just break a lot of kayaks and have a half dozen broken boats in the back yard you can pillage for all the internal parts you need to outfit your boat. The boat comes with a non adjustable spacious hung seat, non padded thigh brace, a center hull support bar, front vertical support, a short foam rear wall, grab loops and logos. That's it.

After that it's up to you to bust out the old junk you have lying around, foam and glue, and get at it old school style. You can buy the boat as stated above, or go to our accessory page and buy any of the parts you might need that you don't have (like backband, or footrests, cockpit vertical support etc). These are shipped separately.

Example of a Hooptie boat with Backband, footrests and hip pad added.