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Fukai 168

Fukai 168



Fukai: the Japanese word for Deep. Deep powder, deep into the trees, deep into your own world, carving deep deep turns in bottomless powder.

Deep commitment to layed out, groomer carves, deep trench digging into each turn.


This game changing board will change the way you look at a big mountain charger. Set back sidecut and camber, to early rocker and a generous tip, combined with a 4mm boat hull edge lift in the nose will have you hovering above the surface effortlessly, while keeping every bit of the hard charging, groomer slaying riding that so many enjoy.

The Fukai features our new Oscillate technology, damping nose vibration and chatter so you can ride with confidence no matter what the conditions are. We could tell you exactly what Oscillate is, but then everyone would do it, so you're just going to have to trust us when we say... it's rad! 
Length 168cm
Nose width 325mm
Waist Width 278mm
Tail Width 310mm
Effective Edge 1200mm
Nose Length 430mm
Tail length 210mm
Nose Rocker 80mm
Tail Rocker 26mm
Camber 4mm
Stance Max 20mm to 640mm
Base Profile
Recommended Stance
R-5/+10 | F +10/+35



Core Elite: Poplar+ Paulownia | Mountain: Poplar
Lamination Elite: Tri-ax fiberglass w carbon stringers | Mountain: Tri-Ax
Resign Elite: Epoxy Pre-preg | Mountain: Wet Lam Epoxy
Base Elite: Sintered 7700 | Mountain Sintered 5000
Damping Elite: Twin Stringer | Mountain: None

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