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***2022 model sale***

For 2023 and beyond, the Proton is made as a 2pc paddle. So we have the 1pc 2022 paddles on sale.

Made in South Africa, where rivers are harsh.

If you're like us, and were paddling through the late 1990's and mid 2000's then you remember the various paddle designs that came out with grips on the shafts. These differentiated themselves from the rest as they were highly innovative, organic feeling (amazing for composite) paddles that made everything else feel like a club. Some were more innovative than others, but they all shared a common theme.

The new Powerstick Proton is based on the “bicycle grip” concept - but it's updated for modern technologies and paddling trends.

The lighter River Runner  paddle is a kevlar/carbon blade construction, while the heavier and stronger Battle-ax has kevlar/ S glass blades. Non-slip ergonomic polyurethane grips are molded directly onto the shaft.

We've reengineered the buoyant blade construction, so that what is usually the weak part of of the back of the blade, is now significantly stronger than the similar type paddles of past. We've also solved the blade swivel issue of older type paddles.

The overall effect is the same ergonomic feel of a bent shaft, without the inherent "twisted feeling" that comes from offsetting a blade from the shaft, on a paddle that has a relaxed spring to its power pull.


Blade Size: 450mm x 190mm | 1271 cm/sq

Shaft Size: 20.5mm

Grip width (center to center): 680mm

Feather: 30 deg

Weight: River Runner  993g | BattleAx 1140g

International Shipments the paddle is delivered as a 2pc, and needs to be assembled.

**Paddles on close out sale might have minor cosmetic blemishes**



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