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Super Skipper

Super Skipper



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The design goal for the Super Skipper was ambitions. We took a long hard look at what all the new creek boats are doing, what makes them good, and more importantly, what their shortcomings were, and then set out to fix all of it. Yes, all of it.

Most of the new designs skip over features well, but many "wheelie" out, or loose forward speed as they clear. We wanted our boat to ricochet across the water like a skipping stone, maintaining speed and direction. And hoo boy, did we succeed!

The SuperSkipper was the first creekboat to use the concept of having two planing surfaces, with the pivot point between the two just behind you. Through weight shifts you decide which to skim across the water with - keeping the boat flat or skimming with the bow raised. This same feature, called Dip Tail, allows you to turn the boat on the tail without sinking it  

This works so well you can expect to see this soon in other creekers out there. A great idea is a great idea!

But, some drops you don't want to skip across, especially the big ones. When it came to these, the idea was for the boat to plunge on an even keel, and then progressively arc to the surface, still moving downstream away from the base.

Precision paddling while paddling through multi-stage, chaotic flow was an absolute must; having a boat that does the work for you, so you can stay on top of your game.

But wait. There's more! As good as all these new boats are at staying out of trouble, they all have one fatal flaw. When you do get stuck in a hole, they are next to impossible to get out of. Through a combination of tip volume, rocker shape, and rails, we've created a design that allows you more control in holes, so you can manoeuvre easier, and tap into the currents and flow coming out. There are no magic wands, but there is no doubt that what we have created if a vast improvement in this field.

If you're looking for the ultimate creek boat, that will do exactly what you want, when you want it, well, you just found it.


And now for something truly unique. The SuperSkipper and SuperSkipRR are designed to be used as a pair. Like a golfer with a bag of clubs. Two boats that paddle almost exactly alike, so you can bounce seamlessly from one to the other depending on the days conditions with no adaptation period. One to keep you alive no matter what the river is throwing at you, and one to make those step-down runs more sporty and interesting. Like two wings of the same bird.


Main technical Specifications
Kayak Name SuperSkipper
Length 9' | 275cm
Width 27” | 67.5cm
Volume 92 Gal | 350ltr
Height (front) 14” | 36cm
Height (Back) 12” | 30.5cm
Nose Rocker 19” | 48cm
Tail Rocker 11” | 27cm
Cockpit Length (Outside)

35” | 89cm
Cockpit Width (Outside)

21”| 53cm
River Runner Paddler Weight 140bs-250lbs | 65kg-114kg
Creeking Paddler Weight 140lbs – 220lbs | 65kg-100kg


Boat weights are pre production estimates*
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