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Streamliner 14'

Streamliner 14'


Streamliner: where elegance meets performance. 

It's hard to compare the beauty of the Streamliner with other sups. The fusion of modern and old into one awe inspiring paddleboard. Sporting a classic look of the 1950's "launch" boats of the rich and famous, along with real Acid Branch veneer deck and embossed metal plate graphics, it's combined with space age honeycomb carbon fibre, to bring you the most striking blend of the elegance of bygone days, and modern technology.

But we didn't stop there. In fact we started with the design being the most critical part of of the board's appeal. The stable base is enhanced with a sunken deck to enhance stability, on an efficient displacement wave piercing bow.   The standing area is slightly canted forward, for both a more powerfull stroke, and increased foot comfort, while any water that should splash over the beam runs cleanly out the back thanks to the venturi channel running out the stern.

Shipping on epoxy boards is not included.


Main technical Specifications

Board Name



14'| 427cm


28"|  71cm

Height (Center)

8.6” | 21.8cm

Standing Height (Thickest point)

94.3” | 10.9cm

Nose Rocker

2.8” | 7.2cm

Tail Rocker

2.5” | 6.3cm

Rocker type


Wood Veneer

Acid Branch

Composite Construction

Honeycomb Carbon

Board Weight

26.4 lbs | 12kg

Standing Possition

Forward cant

Paddler Weight (ocean)

130lbs - 220lbs |59kg-99kg

Paddler Weight (rivers)

120lbs - 200lbs |54kg-90kg


45 deg non slip EVA

Foam Deflector


Internal Core


Grab Handle





Snap In US Box


 81Gal | 309ltr


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