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Corran Sup Party Wave

Corran Sup Party Wave


Paddling a group parry board is so much fun. It's why we called it the Party Wave. While we were focused on making the ultimate fun Whitewater  board, it can of course be used for anything with friends. It has the length and width to comfortably carry 6 people, plus a guide in the back.

Made from double layer woven drop stitch material, with triple layer seams, this board will hold its rocker, take some use and abuse, and perform with Whitewater use.

Handles inside and outside are located for each paddler, and also 2 "drag handles" for one person to lie half in the water for wave surfing. Two "flip line" D rings on the underside of the rail make for easy attachment points to right the board after a flip.

All Prices are in USA Dollars. Price includes half of the cost of shipping* paid by Soul 
Party Wave main technical Specifications  
Board Name Party Wave

Length 16' | 490cm
Width 6' | 180cm Thickness: 8" | 20cm
6 Paddles | 2 Removable Fins Repair Kit
Hand Pump
6+1 Max load 1200lbs


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