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Gonzo C1 Review

The Gonzo is the most playful creeker I've ever paddled. The boat is unbelievably easy to boof and loves to splat or spin on every rock, making the whole river your playground. With its hard chines and edges, you can tell it's going to try to carve everywhere, and boy, does it deliver. From the smallest of green waves to much larger and trashier ones, the Gonzo takes them all on equally. The Gonzo even makes going in and out of eddys fun! There is enough volume in the bow for quick resurfacing when plugging drops or to prevent you from subbing out after big boofs. The long thin tail helps to push through features and if you engage your stern you can do quick pivots. If you want a boat that will play on any river you take it to and still perform like a champ on the bigger runs, this is your boat.

Keep on adventuring,
Marc Godbout



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