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Toddlers are loving the 105 Cutie

The Cutie has been an absolute hit with toddlers. It is the learning game changer that's been missing from an industry that sells tens of millions of boards. The response we get from parents who put their kids on the Cutie is always the same  -it works, the kids are having fun and actually learning.

As one happy dad wrote to us once he put his 3yr old daughter on the Cutie, "The normal twin tip is just like a tea tray, spinning around uncontrolled. My daughter now thinks front foot and back foot, and it's a bit more deliberate. The board is super responsive for her on hard pack and fluffy. It just works!"

We couldn't agree more. He's not the only one to experience the learning curve difference, getting onto a board that wants to track forward when needed, is easy to turn, and easy to edge and control. Small kids stick with things they have instant success with. If they're having fun, they want to go back. And that's the goal, right?

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