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303 Review

The 303 is everything I expected it to be. The first time I saw the boat design, I knew it was going to be ridiculously fun to paddle. It is narrow and FAST. The sharp chines give it a very precise locked in feeling while ferrying and surfing. I easily catch fast one shot waves in this boat that I rarely if ever catch in other boats. Once on the wave, it tears it up, snappy cutbacks thanks to the pivot point just behind the hips, and the loose beveled hull lets you spin like a top. Perfect tail rocker lets you back surf with ease. Any deep defined eddy line let’s you send the bow skyward with a monster stern squirt, splats are impressive too with so much boat out of the water. Running rapids has a few bonuses- blazing speed, quick stern pivots, rocket moves, enough length to bridge holes or just pierce through them (see Jim Snyder’s squirt bible, “dense boat” theory). It even cartwheels if you can find a hole deep enough. All this in a spacious cockpit with comfy knees and the ability to wear regular shoes... nailed it! There’s nothing else out there that combines this much speed and play. My new favorite boat. - Joshua Tracy

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