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Main Squeeze continues to evolve

The Main Squeeze is continuing to evolve as we both study more and more about what's bringing people back to paddling, and also whats missing from the current slew of playboats on the water.

My recent paddling trips have highlighted many things - namely that unless your goal is to win freestyle competitions and you're doing Monkey McFlips and Looping McNasties... they're really not a whole lot of fun. I mean, they're GREAT at the things they were designed to do, but for most people they suck to paddle down a river, are no fun to surf and cartwheel, stern squirt, rock splat... or play in just about 90% of the river features that most people have.

So our focus is changing from a river running playish boat to an awesome playboat that squirts and splats and cartwheels and spins and carves, that can run rivers. Every eddyline, and rock, seam and wave becomes the Main Squeezes playground...

Keep checking this space as the boat evolves.

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