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Gonzo Surfing

The Chambly wave in Montreal is just coming in. It's still very small, meaning that it's not offering much up in the way of "cool moves", and the water is ice cold, but I want to take the Gonzo out onto this iconic wave for a spin.

The one thing that was immediately apparent was its amazing speed. I was able to surf way out of the main wave, and carry speed through the carve back into the "pit". Loose as a goose, it was able to spin and carve to my hearts delight, really enjoying the soul surf.

I then went into the second wave, which at this level is little more than a soft hole, and threw a few old school ends for giggles.

After the boats performance on the meaty high water Rouge the day before, I am falling in love with this boat as its true versatility becomes really apparent.

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