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Boarder Cross. River Cross. Cross Training. Slalom. Crossover = X!

Not everyone wants to run class IV-V on a paddleboard, or be restricted to park and play. Well, you’re in luck. The X is for the river paddler looking to do it all. Slalom training, boarder cross racing, river running zipping all over the place, hitting every eddy, pivoting behind every rock, and catching every wave. A day later, a 5 mile downriver cross training run through easy whitewater.

This is the magic of X. A clean fluid rocker sweep, combined with a low volume but wide tail means that you can pivot this board with stability through gates, blast onto your favorite wave, and still carry the speed needed to win your river festival event. Seriously – can it get any better than that?

The X comes with the retractile drop down skeg, that can be lifted and secured in the up position, and the Stomp Hook for sticking drops. It is made using the best composite materials on the market, for a lighter, stronger board.

Finally, we've solved the SUP portage problem - now it caries just as comfortably on your shoulder as a kayak!

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Main technical Specifications

Board Name



10'6"| 304cm


30”| 76cm

Height (front)

7” | 17.9cm

Height (Back)

5.9” | 15cm

Nose Rocker

7” | 17.8cm  

Tail Rocker

3.3” | 8.4

Rocker type


Cockpit Length

60"| 153cm

Cockpit Width

25.5”| 65cm

Heavy Construction


Light Construction


Board Weight (Heavy) -est

29lbs | 13kg

Board Weight (Light) - est

22lbs | 10kg

River Use Paddler Weight

100lbs - 200lbs |45kg-90kg

Slalom Use Paddler Weight

120lbs –220lbs | 54kg-100kg

Internal Support


Grab Loops


Stomp Hook


Flip Up Skeg



60 Gal | 230ltr

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