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Thunder Monkey

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Gnarly, steep, manky creeks is where this incredible creeker performs best. When you're debating taking you're mountain bike or your kayak, then you've come to the right place. The burlier the drops, the more constricted and tighter the moves, the better the Thunder Monkey does.

With more volume and width stuffed into the ends, combined with a slight peaked deck, this boat is made to plow into and ramp over everything in its path.

Incorporating our “Plug Fluffer” into the high volume bow (a usefull innovation that breaks the surface tension of the water on the bow deck, releasing it for rapid resurfacing), this boat rockets to the surface, barely getting you wet. Behind you, the “Trunk Junk” catches water exiting from drops, propelling you forward and out of any holes lurking at the base.

There are no fashionable rails and edges on the hull. This boat is made to skip and jump over lubricated rocks, and the last thing you need is some fandangled wave surfing feature sending you off in the wrong direction.  Turning on a dime both flat or on edge, you can make minute adjustments with ease. Those same forgiving sidewalls and rails skip effortlessly across slides and rocks, while still being an effective carver into eddies and across fast currents. 

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The Thunder Monkey is available in TWO specifications.

The Yellow, Black and Orange comes outfitted with the Skeletor Extreme and the Orange Granite in the Hooptie option.

The Skeletor Extreme (Standard seat) has all the adjustable bells and whistles of modern outfitting and is turnkey.The Power Seat is designed for users who like to customize their boats.

The Hooptie outfitting... well, that's for you dirtbag paddlers, video boaters, raft guides, and people who... well, just break a lot of kayaks and have a half dozen broken boats in the back yard you can pillage for all the internal parts you need to outfit your boat. The boat comes with a non adjustable spacious hung seat, a center hull support bar, grab loops and logos. That's it. After that it's up to you to bust out the old junk you have lying around, foam and glue, and get at it old school style. You can buy the boat as stated above, or go to our accessory page and buy any of the parts you might need that you don't have (like backband, or footrests, cockpit vertical support etc). These are put into the boat at shipping, but ARE NOT INSTALLED. That's for you to do.

All Prices are in USA Dollars. Price includes shipping*.

This project is on our wish list. If we can garner 50 orders, we'll step up and make the boat. So over the next few months, order one, tell your friends to order one, and we will make the mold in early spring if the orders are there for it. Select COD at check out and we will MANUALLY collect a $500 deposit from you AFTER we have hit the landmark 50 unit number (so only when we know for sure that it's a go) and the balance of payment when it ships.

Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Thunder Monkey


8'6"| 260cm


26.5”| 67cm

Height (front)

13.5” | 35cm

Height (Back)

12.5” | 32cm

Nose Rocker

13.5” | 34cm

Tail Rocker

11” | 28cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

34.3”| 87cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

20”| 51cm

Plastic Type (Orange/Black)

Hilex 14 HDPE

Plastic Type (Yellow)

Hilex 16 SHDPE

Boat Weight (Orange/Black)

47lbs | 21kg

Boat Weight (Yellow)

42lbs | 19kg

General use Paddler Weight

130lbs-220lbs | 59kg-100kg

Creeking Paddler Weight

150lbs – 200lbs | 68kg-91kg

Yellow/Orange/Black Fitting

Skeletor Extreme

Orange Granite Outfitting

Non Adjustable Hung Seat - 21kg shell.

Grab Loop


Power Seat Option



86 Gal | 328ltr

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