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Super Sic


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Corran Addison pioneered freestyle kayak design for nearly 20 years, effectively “inventing” the planing hulled river kayak. His focus became more and more wave surfing through the mid 2000’s, with emphasis on speed derived moves rather than “butt bouncing” into them. Of course, if you want to win competitions, then the butt bouncer is the way to go, but this new design from Corran takes the last 10 years of his kayak and surfboard designs and fuzes them into one really fun boat. Both more comfortable and more forgiving than some of his more recent freestyle designs, the Super Sic will also play foamy holes as well as green waves. But the focus is of course in taking your wave surfing, power driven, aerial moves to a new level.

The outfitting is simple. A carbon kevlar molded seat that's very aggressive in its shape, fits inside the boat that uses simple foam wall support for the hull and footrests. The intent is for the user of such a high performance boat to customize the interior to a perfect fit, without the added weight associated with moving and adjustable parts.

The Super Sic is made in a conventional mold, which allows us to make it lighter for the same strength than the custom kayaks. It is available in two standard constructions (but we can do anything):

Strong: Kevlar with some Carbon  – made to be able to take some of the abuse rivers dish out, sacrificing some light weight for added strength

Light: Carbon/Kevlar, foam core – for use where there are no rocks at all – and weight and stiffness is king.

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Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Super Sic


6’2"| 188cm


25.6”| 65cm

Height (front)

13.4” | 34cm

Height (Back)

9.9” | 25.1cm

Nose Rocker

7.8" | 19.9cm

Tail Rocker

5.8” | 14.6cm

Rocker type


Cockpit Length (Outside)

31”| 79cm

Cockpit Width (Outside)

18”| 46cm

Construction (Strong)

Kevlar, Innegra, Carbon, Fiberglass

Construction (Light)

Carbon, Innegra

Boat Weight (Strong)

18lbs | 8kg

Boat Weight (Light)

16 lbs | 7kg

Wave Surfing Paddler Weight

100lbs-210lbs | 45kg-95kg

Hole Riding Paddler Weight

130lbs – 200lbs | 59kg-91kg

Internal Outfitting

Composite Seat

Grab Loops


Security Bars


Flip Up Skeg



58 Gal | 219ltr

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