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If you’re a high performance surfer, looking for a board that’s radically fast rail-to-rail, super loose, and has more drive than you’ve ever felt before, then this is your board. Radical off the lip surfing, screaming bottom turns, hollow racing barrels are all part of what this board does. Don’t expect to have an easy time of it getting out through the surf, for while the Session gets into waves with amazing ease and speed, it’s not designed for lazy paddling around – everything has been sacrificed for the on-wave experience, and you’ll know exactly what this means as soon as you get on  it. We know it’ll be your best session ever!

The Session is made using Carbon Kevlar for lighter weight and superior performance and strength

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Main technical Specifications

Board Name



7'6"| 231cm  -  7'11"| 241cm


27"|  68cm  -  28.5”| 72.4cm

Height (12" from front)

2.8” | 7.1cm  -  3" | 8.4cm

Height (Thickest point)

4.3” | 11cm  -  4.6" | 11.5cm

Nose Rocker

6.4” | 16.25cm   -  6.8” | 17.2cm

Tail Rocker

2.5” | 6.3cm  -  2.6” | 6.6cm

Rocker type


Heavy Construction


Light Construction


Board Weight (Kevlar)

20 lbs | 9kg

Board Weight (Carbon)

16 lbs | 7.3kg

Surfer Weight (7'6")

120lbs - 200lbs | 54kg-91kg

Surfer Weight (7'11")

140lbs - 220lbs | 64kg-100kg

River Paddler (7'6")

100lbs - 180lbs | 45kg-82kg

River Paddler (7'11")

120lbs - 200lbs | 54kg-91kg

Internal Core


Grab Handle

1 Sunk




1 x Longboard + 4x FCS


 26Gal | 99ltr  -  31 Gal | 116ltr  

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