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Rapier Kayak Paddle


€371.67 (Excluding VAT)

If you're like us, and were paddling through the late 1990's and early 2000's then you're remember the fantastic Seven 2 paddle. A highly innovative, organic feeling (amazing for composite) paddle that made everything else feel like a club. Sadly, Seven 2 closed its doors in 2007.

This paddle is based on the concepts that made that such a great paddle  - a buoyant blade which offers support in rough water, combined with the ergonomic feel of a bent shaft, without the inherent "twisted feeling" that comes from offsetting a blade from the shaft, on a paddle that has a relaxed spring to its power pull. Less joint and muscle fatigue over extended paddling periods, with increased control was the overall aim.

We are working hard to get this completely new paddle design, based on a proven concept, to market, but the work is ongoing, and we have not set a specific time to get this done.

We are using a 100% carbon shaft, with a carbon/kevlar blade construction, and Sanoprene grips which are molded directly onto the shaft, available in medium or wide positions (measured to the inside of your index finger). The Blades are set at 30 degree offset.

We are still working with the factory on the specifics for the production of the new version of this paddle, and as such it is currently unavailable. Keep checking back to this page for updates.

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