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Pocket Rocket 165cm (powder / split option)

$599.99 $999.99

***2019/2020 season release***

We wanted to create the ultimate “resort” powder board. We specify “resort” because no matter how good and deep the powder is, invariably you’re going to spend a good amount of your time on groomer runs. The best powder boards are more than capable of handing groomers, but they’re not FUN on groomers - they don’t carve like a great board should.

Conversely, boards that are a lot of fun on groomers, especially the new swallowtail directional designs, handle Powder very well. But they are not quite as mind blowingly awesome as a fun dedicated powder board.
This ambitious design tackles exactly that. It has a camber and outline in the “carving” section of the board that is reminiscent of the Pitch Wing, but with a shorter “slashier tail” like the Scrambler. Both of these boards are fantastic to carve and turn on groomers, in skied out chunk, and general ankle to knee deep powder. We wanted the Pocket Rocket to have a feel that was reminiscent of these designs as you carve yourself silly, laying out trench digging turns. It is also reminiscent of the Kung Pow and Snow Wave, with its drawn out convex outline through the whole nose of the board. This surfboard like nose seems to almost levitate you weightlessly over even the deepest and lightest powder, turning much like a surfboard would on a wave.
Don’t be put off by the seemingly long length. Almost a third of the boards nose is off the snow when carving groomers, so you have a fun, short radius and responsive outline. In tight powder tree runs, this same feature lets you slash the tail effortlessly, while the nose runs high and dry. Likewise, because the Pocket Rocket's surf like nose is the “active” part of the board when driving through big powder fields, it’ll carry speed and feel so light and responsive your mind will be blown.
Now you truly can alternate between fantastic groomer runs, tight steep tree runs and open powder bowls all with the same board, on the same day, with lift access. That's pretty hard to beat.
The standard "non split" Powder boards are DYI splittable board. The core is made so that if you cut your board down the center, it is not necessary to seal the cut with epoxy and fiberglass. The board is also built with the hill climbing pin inserts pre-installed, so that all that remains is for you to drill counter sunk holes through the board for the clamp mounting points. No insert installation is necessary. Yes, we thought of everything! We're not responsible if you trash your board cutting it in half, but we've made it easier to do if you want to.

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Available Fall 2019.

Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Pocket Rocket



Nose Width


Waist Width


Tail width


Nose Rocker length


Nose Rocker height


Tail Rocker length


Tail Rocker height


Insert Pattern


Total Insert Splay


Longitudinal flex

 5/10 Soft

Effective edge

Groomer :1033mm | Powder: 1350mm



Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Recommended Stance

F 10 to 45 / R 0 to 15 - Medium to Wide

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