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Fly Wing 111-121cm (Kids)

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Focus within the snowboarding industry has been on making kids boards inexpensive, rather than making them perform. The argument is they outgrow them in 2 or 3 seasons. 

Well, so do adults! Within a few seasons you want a new board anyway. And we don't see you skimping when it comes to getting a new board for yourself!

Our focus has been on creating a board that is surf inspired, and made easy for small kids to ride. The extra soft flex with generous sweeping nose rocker allows kids to ride up and over everything the hill throws at them, while the generous sidecut and shortened edge length in the rear makes turning easy, even in mixed terrain.

We've compensated for the shortened running edge length in the tail by keeping some length that's non engaged on the snow - like the stingers on a surfboard which make the board turn like it's shorter, but still keeps the length for speed on the wave. Except here that length is for stability if they get knocked backwards - there is a soft but confidence inspiring support that pushes back from the tail so recovery is easy and the ride continues.

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Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Fly Wing


111cm / 121cm

Nose Width

222mm / 240mm

Waist Width

194mm / 211mm

Tail width

219mm / 238mm

Nose Rocker length

233mm / 249mm

Nose Rocker height

55mm / 59mm

Tail Rocker length

136mm / 137mm

Tail Rocker height

13mm / 14mm

Stance Offset

63mm / 65mm to rear

Stance Width

361mm when centered on inserts

Longitudinal flex

Extra Soft 1/10 - 2/10

Effective Edge

741mm / 824mm



Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Tail Flex stabaliser

Bi Axial fiberglass

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