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Event Horizon


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Extreme Racing is now all the rage, and we wanted to address the "main class" of extreme racing - 9' and under. This is where the real prestige is.

Anyone watching the Green race or the Sickline race can see the obvious disadvantage of the current stock of boats as they plow helplessly across the pools between rapids, and how any brief submerging of the nose immediately results in chest shots that slow you down.

Powering through rapids is pointless - being on line is fast. You cannot win the race in the core of the rapids, but you can loose it there, is the old maxim. So the main gains come from drop exit, and the flatwater/roughwater sprints between crux moves, whether those are 10m or 100m in length.

The Event Horizon has to be paddled with absolute precision - as it tracks and slices through from the nose, and then turns on the tail with a slalom style power pivot. This is an experts-only boat, designed with one goal in mind - win extreme races. If that's your goal, then this is your boat.

The deck is high and vertically slicy, like a classic downriver racer so it rockets to the surface. As it approaches the cockpit so its shaped to deflect water away from the paddler, keeping it moving forward. The sides of the bow deck are cut away where the paddle enters the water so you can get a more vertical stroke closer to the waterline.

Because the rocker entry is just inches from the bow tip, in order to rapidly turn or boof the tail has to be squirted under briefly, using minimal "turning stroke" to do so. This boat will pivot turn like a slalom kayak so you can take no more than an instant to lift the nose, and then keep racing.

Available in two constructions:

Strong: Kevlar with some Carbon  – made to be able to take some of the abuse rivers dish out, sacrificing some light weight for added strength

Light: Carbon/Kevlar, foam core – for use where there are no rocks at all – and weight and stiffness is king.

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Main technical Specifications

Kayak Name

Event Horizon


9’| 275cm


23”| 58.2cm

Height (front)

15” | 38cm

Height (Back)

9” | 23cm

Nose Rocker (at waterline)

5.5” | 13.5cm

Tail Rocker

4.8” | 12.2cm

Rocker type

Semi kick

Cockpit Size (Length)

33.5” | 85cm

Cockpit Size (Width)

18.5” | 47cm

Construction Strong

Kevlar, Carbon and Fiberglass

Construction Light

Carbon and Innegra

Boat Weight (Orange)


Boat Weight (Yellow)


Max Class5 Paddler Weight

190lbs | 86kg

Max Class3 Paddler Weight

210lbs | 95kg

Internal Outfitting

Composite seat

Grab Loops


Security Bar


Flip Up Skeg



59 Gal | 225ltr

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