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2020 Cafe Racer 185/175/161cm (Race)

2020 Cafe Racer 185/175/161cm (Race)


Hard boot riding is fun. It's really fun, but it's not easy. While racing gets all the limelight, the reality is that majority of hard boot riders are recreational riders, and they want an exceptional board to ride.

This means we can pack as much performance and energy return into the design as we like, and not have to worry about the board being "predictable" for serious racing. If slight errors on the occasional turn are not going to cost you a race, then we can put that little bit more into the design and construction so it's a true joy to slice up your local mountain.

Don't confuse this concept with a "dumbed down" freecarve! It is in fact the opposite. These are hard riding, hard driving, hard boot, perfect groomer "race" boards. If you want something more "all mountain" or forgiving, have a look at our Dangerous.

All Prices US$. Price Includes partial Shipping* included. 

Available Winter 2018

Main Technical Specifications

Board Name

Cafe Racer


185cm / 175cm / 161cm

Nose Width

254mm / 245mm / 260mm

Waist Width

200mm / 190mm / 199mm

Tail width

232mm / 222mm / 240mm

Nose Rocker length


Nose Rocker height


Tail Rocker length


Tail Rocker height


Stance Offset


Stance Width

58-70 / 43-59 ? 43-59

Longitudinal flex

8/10 - 7/10 - 6/10

Effective Edge

1620mm / 1510mm / 1380mm


9mm / 4mm / 4mm

Core Material


Base material

Sintered PE

Laminate Materials

tri-axial fiberglass

Recommended Stance

F 55 to 65 / R 50 to 60 - Medium Narrow

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